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    Alaraby tv video on demand

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    • UI/UX Design

    The Brief

    Alaraby TV is known for its engaging TV content from tv shows to movies and documentaries. One of the projects we worked on with Alaraby TV was creating a video-on-demand experience for their website and Apps.

    • UI/UX Design

    Website design

    Working with the identity we created we moved on to create their website with a goal to make it user-friendly and easy on the eyes so people can read the latest news and watch their favorite shows.

    Through our experience in UX design, we created an immersive website. Crafting and refining the viewers’ experience by streamlining the content of Syria TV into various categories and adding features to make navigation as smooth as possible.

    • UI/UX Design

    Mobile application

    We wanted to create a seamless experience for the users, to facilitate switching between devices without interrupting their watching experience as well as suggesting new related shows. Motif designed mobile and TV apps so the user can continue watching on any device.

    • UI/UX Design


    Now Alaraby TV audience can enjoy their favorite shows on Alaraby TV website or they can download the app and watch it wherever they are.

    ALARABY VOD Website



    Mobile Application


    • UI/UX Design
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