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The Brief

On the eighth anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, Alaraby TV decided to honor the anniversary by making a documentary on the lives of Syrian activists. They chose Motif to create and produce a documentary about the Syrian Revolution

  • Film Production


After in-depth research and gathering materials from the archive, our production team offers a powerful moving portrait of three people, actively involved in the Syrian Revolution during their living days. Their friends and family became our nearest collaborators, sharing their memories and perspectives of the three crucial personalities.

The film attempts to piece together the initial days of the Syrian Revolution.

  • Film Production


The film attempts to piece together the initial days of the Syrian Revolution. It also brings forth the diversity in society, as it taps into the lives of three people coming from different backgrounds and religions. They, however, are bound by one common thread of supporting nonviolence. The film looks back at peoples’ lives during the initial phase of the revolution and how the interests of the three activists intersect with their strong belief in hope and dream.

Working with the archive material wasn’t enough so our team conducted interviews to complete the story of the documentary. But that wasn’t it for our team, they created animation to present the information in a way that fits the general theme of the documentary. As well as handling all of the post-production phases.

  • Film Production


“Screaming In The Face of Bullets” documentary was aired on Alaraby TV on the Syrian Revolution anniversary. The documentary touched a lot of people and made a huge success on Alaraby TV, It also boomed on social media with a lot of engagements and shares.

Screaming In The Face of Bullets






  • Film Production

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