User Experience UX

We help clients create solid and interesting user experience for new and existing digital products and services.

Our dedicated team of specialist user-experience gurus blend academic knowledge and practical skills and experience to produce UX strategy, research, wireframes, design and prototyping.

With a firm and cutting edge understanding of the digital world coupled with our passion for hands-on professional UX and usability research we deliver improved digital performance, lower cost, enhanced desirability and customer loyalty.

To us it is a matter of survival of the most adaptable, it is important to be ready to adapt quickly and develop strategies outside traditional research boundaries.



Concept Development
Stakeholder Analysis
Product Value Analysis
Competitive Analysis


Focus Groups
Ethnographic Research
Personas & Usage Scenarios
Task & Scenario Analysis
Experience Mapping
Mood Boards
Card Sorting


Information Architecture
Visual Design
Icon Design


Usability Walkthrough
Usability Testing
Heuristic Evaluation


Experience Specification
Web & Apps Developments
Software Development Support
Digital Guidelines
Quality Assurance


“Shout louder” may not help your brand get the attention it needs.

Here at Motif we believe that finding the right platforms and social media channels and to fill these with relevant content is the best way to get your voice heard. We help you build an effective presence which reaches your target audiences without the need to scream your lungs out.

We offer excellent skills in the conception, design and development of websites, interface design, user experience research & design, and information architecture.

Digital is an integral part of your world. Digital is an integral part of ours.

Happy Customer

Abdul Jizawi

"We are proud to bring in the user centric Approach to the middle eastern region"
Digtal Director


Our Services


We are specialized in the development, implementation and maintenance of complex identities for corporate and commercial brands.

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UX Design

We help clients create solid interesting user experiences for new and existing digital products and services.

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Digital Marketing

The team of certified and experienced e-marketing professionals can help you develop a proper e-marketing plan so you can reach your targeted audience online.

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A concept that is big enough to generate adverts that are connected and unified by a feeling or attitude, is a campaign. We like to call it the Big Idea.

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Providing the full spectrum of event production services and event support services

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The creative production team deliver videos to be broadcast on TV & social media. 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphic and TV talkshows.

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