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Al Jazeera Finance

Raise awareness about Aljazeera Finance in Qatar and create a fanbase on social media platforms.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Development

The Brief

Aljazeera finance is a pioneering company of Islamic financing in the state of Qatar and is recognised for its innovative solutions and customer-oriented services.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Development


The challenge was to build an engaging audience to increase the ROI by analysing the sales data and talking with the sales team as they are able to give the insights, also by analyzing the online content and repurposing it and creating a series of easy-digestible snippets from the longer content and post them on the company’s social media platforms and hence convert visitors to leads and gain loyal customers.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Development

Research & Strategies

By analysing the online behaviours of the existing customers and other ones in competing companies, we created our content plan considering the interests of the social media users. In the initial stages of our partnership and since we already have platforms to build from and goals to work towards, we identified potential clients’ personas and gave a modern look and feel to the company’s account that worked well in attracting those customers.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Development


To draw in more of the right traffic, we ran paid campaigns to reach the target audience and created lead ads which allow us to find people who may be interested in AJF products or services and collect information from them via an instant form and convert qualified visitors into leads via well established and engaging content marketing.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Development
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