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The Brief

Baladna is one of the leading dairy companies in Qatar, It spreads over an area of 2.4 million sqm with farms designed to overcome all environmental challenges and to ensure the top quality for their wide array of dairy products.
Since Baladna vision is To be the most trusted brand of nutritional foods and healthy beverages in Qatar and to expand to new markets. We collaborated with Baladna to help them take the right steps towards achieving this vision.

  • Digital Marketing


Our goal was to give baladna an insightful intel that helps in maintaining the quality and active connection between the products and the consumer.

  • Digital Marketing


As the biggest dairy products provider in Qatar the challenges are getting bigger, having such a wide range of products that serves a large spectrum of consumers. The challenge is how to listen to your consumers on a daily basis?

  • Digital Marketing


We helped in overcoming upcoming challenges through our social listening service that simply lets you listen to your customers before you act. We provided Baladna with insights about all the consumer reviews, tags, mentions, and competitors’ status to ensure that the action taken in any matter is based on an insightful listening to the market and creates a positive impact on the consumer as they feel heard and cared for.

  • Digital Marketing

Social media listening helped baladna validate the quality of their products from the consumer side and stay updated with all the conversations and trends happening around baladna as well as getting the consumers feedback or requests on the spot. It played a crucial role in crisis management and overcoming any negative feedback with the proper strategy to retain the consumer.

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