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    • UI/UX Design

    The Brief

    Baladna corporate ensures its consumers’ wellness by providing natural, nutritious, and tasty foods and beverages. In a short period of time Baladna has had remarkable growth in productivity and in market share in Qatar, which allows them to seek the opportunity to expand in new markets.

    The Challenge was to uplift Baladna’s website to be more user friendly, contain the increasing number of products, and provide an informative section for investors.

    • UI/UX Design


    Our User Experience team worked on a research to identify similar brands around the globe and discover how they approach their audience. The research was an inspiration to the team to enlighten them about the latest trends in order to plan a local experience for the brand in Qatar.

    • UI/UX Design


    • UI/UX Design


    We also focused on researching the audience and what can engage them to visit and benefit from Baladna website. We have designed and integrated delicious recipes using Baladna’s products to engage Baladna’s target audience and encourage them to visit the website and purchase their products.

    • UI/UX Design


    Our approach was presenting an informative financial statement of Baladna that was focused on developing a platform that enables the most effective two-way communication between Baladna and investors. Our team provided a comprehensive IR page with fully dynamic content to be an ideal attraction for investors, which has increased the awareness about Baladna stock, management team, new projects, and growth.

    • UI/UX Design


    Since the new website has fully designed and developed. The results show
    15.1% decrease in the Bounce Rate and 55.8% increase in the duration of the sessions.

    • -15.1% Bounce rate
    • +55.8% Duration of sessions






    • UI/UX Design
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