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Create a seamless experience to start & manage a business in Qatar

  • UI/UX Design

The Brief

Qatar is an excellent place for investments but starting a business in Qatar is a long process and requires submitting forms and gaining authorizations from many different authorities, which makes it hard and time-consuming for investors and entrepreneurs.

  • UI/UX Design


We had the privilege to work with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar and we welcomed the challenge of improving the business environment in Qatar by streamlining the complicated process of establishing and maintaining a business. Single Window is a digital platform for all services related to investors, business owners, and businessmen.

  • UI/UX Design


Motif’s creative UI/UX Design team created a user-friendly, efficient, and responsive UX/UI design eases the use of over 200 services and sub-services. Starting from identifying issues with the application demo provided to us, we designed to solve those problems and simplified workflow.

  • UI/UX Design


Through explorations, iterations, and rigorous design thinking, we designed a dashboard for investors to explore, start, and manage the business. We focussed on distributing the information with detailed pages that are not only aesthetically fresh and appealing but also usable.

  • UI/UX Design


The final result was an ecosystem of various services with an easy to use interface. The design was extremely well received by the executives and the client. It facilitated business start-up procedures by providing integrated and smooth services in one place.

  • One Digital platform
  • 200+ Services integrated
  • 10+ Ministries workflows



  • UI/UX Design

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