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Diplomatic Institute

  • Product Design

The Brief

The Doha Institute had the goal of preparing the human resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the State of Qatar, to make them capable of representing the state decently and appropriately in international forums. Among many other things, Qatar’s Diplomatic Institute chose Motif to design and produce a Trophy for its participants in its training and educational programs. It was our goal to create a design that represents the Diplomatic Institute and reflects its identity.

  • Product Design


Our creative team worked on creating the perfect combination between the institute and Qatar identities. After workshops and research, we came up with the three design principles for the trophy.

  • Product Design


The design principles were Training & Educational, Qatar Identity, and Global Relations. We chose materials to capture the elegance and the culture, so the trophies were mixed of brass and wood to represent all the elements of their mission and vision.

  • Product Design

Doha Institute

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