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  • Product Design

The Brief

Education is the foundation of everything we do at Qatar Foundation. From preschool through to doctoral studies, they offer learning opportunities for students of all ages and abilities. Pre University Education program holds a yearly event. For the 2017’s event Motif was assigned with the event designs

  • Product Design


Our goal was to design PUE event’s Certificates and Trophy as well as the event’s backdrops and rollups. Based on Qatar Foundation’s brand identity, we created a similar look and feel for PUE.

  • Product Design


We chose green and white for the certificates, rollups, and backdrops which are the Qatar Foundation colors. For the trophies, we chose materials that reflect the mission of the program. The materials were acrylic to reflect the transparency at the workplace, and bronze to sparks of enthusiasm and celebration. The design was a round acrylic on a wooden base, the rounded shape is to reflect the family union and the wooden base reflects the roots of a strong educational base provided by PUE.

  • Product Design

In PUE’s 2017 event, our designs reflected the PUE identity. And through the ceremony, our designs of both the certificates and trophies were distributed on all of PUE participants.

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